The Anxious Patient

In any given year, about 12% of Canadians experience an anxiety disorder. Although not as obvious as a broken limb, it can be as equally painful and frightening. Because of this, we want to help make appointments as comfortable as we can for all our patients.

We understand the feeling of anxiety differs wildly from an anxiety disorder. The first happens every now and then during periods of fear and excitement. On the other hand, anxiety disorders have deep-seated cognitive, biological, and neurological foundations.

If you or someone you know ever experiences anxiety or symptoms of an anxiety disorder during an appointment, we are ready to help you through it. Although staying calm is the most effective way to counter an attack, it’s not necessarily easy. If you ever need to take a break from a procedure, we’re more than willing to take you somewhere quiet. While you need never feel embarrassed, it can be helpful to get away from public spaces. We will also help you with breathing exercises and keep discussion to a minimum.

We at Ottawa Street Dental want stress to be the last thing on your mind. However, this isn’t always possible and will only resume a procedure when you’re at ease. Your comfort and peace of mind is just as important to us as your oral health.




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