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Our Policies

Ottawa Street Dental has several policies in place to maintain our patient’s safety and well-being. Our policies also ensure the office is able to run smoothly so that there is no delay in your treatment.

Appointment Policy

Our team will be pleased to assist you in any way possible and all efforts will be made to accommodate your schedule.  If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you kindly provide us with at least 48 hours notice.  This courtesy, on your part, will make it possible to give your appointment to another patient. We realize emergencies do happen, but we can not emphasize enough, our appreciation to our valued patients for keeping their scheduled appointment.  Failure to give 48 hours notice may result in a financial charge to your account.  We make every effort to stay on time at our office.  Please be aware if you are late for your scheduled appointment we may need to reschedule you to ensure our patients who arrive on time, be seen on time.



Financial Policy

Our fees are charged in accordance with the Ontario Dental Association fee guide.  In order to hold down our costs and keep fees affordable, we do request payment at the time services are rendered.  Our office accepts a variety of payments: cash, Visa, MasterCard and money orders.  We also accept most dental insurance.  Our office keeps abreast of the latest insurance trends to help you maximize your insurance benefits.  We will also prepare and file your claim on your behalf. Your insurance or dental plan is a contract between your employer (or you) and a dental insurance company.  Benefits received are based on the terms of the contract negotiated between your employer and the dental insurance company, not your dental office.  These benefits may or may not cover your specific dental requirements for a complete result.  Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for all expenses incurred.  We urge you to read your individual policy carefully and be fully aware of your coverage and any limitations of the benefits provided. Our dental office has no direct contract with your insurance carrier.  We require you to pay your deductible, co-payment, and non-covered portions at the time of your visit.  If you’re insurance company fails to pay our office, then you are responsible for the balance.  Interest will be charged on balances greater than 31 days.



Sterilization Policy

Our promise is to provide you with the highest quality dental care in a safe and caring environment.  In order to do this, we use the most current periodontal procedures, instruments, medications and sterilization techniques. We use barrier techniques such as disposable masks and gloves, which are changed for every patient. We use autoclave sterilization for all instruments prior to dental examination and treatment. Our sterilizers are regularly maintained and tested monthly. You can be assured that our staff has been specifically trained on sterilization procedures and their importance.

Our Guarantee

Our years of experience combined with our extensive knowledge and continuing advancements in technology and education we strive to provide our patients with the best experience and treatment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make sure all of your dental needs are taken care of. We are centrally located and offer extended hours to accommodate people’s hectic schedules.

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