Sports Mouth Guard

Protecting you or your child’s teeth is essential if involved in sporting activities. Injuries received are a major concern not only to players but also to dental professionals. Wearing a mouth guard can help prevent trauma to the mouth, concussions, and chipped or broken teeth. Many sports organizations such as the Ontario Minor Hockey Association have standards which have to be met in order to play.

Over the counter store bought guard are poor fitting and make it difficult to breathe while wearing. Professionally make sports guards are comfortable, custom fit and allow for easy breathing and easy speaking. They also provide maximum protection

Purpose of a mouth guard

  • Protects lips and cheeks
  • Protects the tongue from being bitten
  • Prevents jaw fractures
  • Helps prevent concussions
  • Reduces fractured teeth on impact
  • Keeps the upper and lower teeth separated and provides a cushion that redistributes a blow to the mouth.


An upper impression of the mouth is taken.From this model a plastic appliance is made to fit the upper teeth.These guards can be made in a variety of colours. It takes approximately 2 – 3 days to fabricate and most guards will last several years and can be used for a variety of amateur or professional sports.

Care of mouth guard

  • Store in a plastic container
  • Keep it clean by brushing after use
  • Do not chew on your mouth guard
  • Do not expose to heat as this may distort the mouth guard

Remember, a mouth guard is an expensive piece of necessary equipment when compared to most other sports gear. When you consider the risk of serious injury and costly treatment, it is a small investment.

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